do it for the peanut butter!

My names Rosy, I'm claiming back my life from a long battle of anorexia. I've spend the last 8 months of my life in Rhodes Farm and was discharged on the 2nd of October. I've recently been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and i'm currently inpatient for that in PICU. Following MM guidelines. xx


My favourite thing is when people post oatmeal and they’re like, “kept it super simple today” and it’s like vanilla bean matcha chai toffee coffee oats with cocoa nibs, caramelized star fruit and bewitched pecan butter with barbecued bananas captured in the trees of Narnia.

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I wanted to say that I really admire you for your great job in recovering. I visit your blog just from time to time, because I saw that my friend who has anorexia used to visit your blog and I came here few times after that. When I show up here once in 2 months or so, I am just blown away by how big progress you did. Every time when I come here after a break, I can read about how much better you feel and SEE that you are just happier person. Keep up the good work! YOU ARE A MASTER! xx

aw aw aw thank you! this is such a lovely message! thank you so much :) xxx

Anonymous asked: is it weird i don't have to take laxatives to purge bc naturally I get so sick from worrying and remembering how bad i messed up like 4 hours ago and start pooping myself?

that sometimes happens to me when i have panic attacks, so i can kind of relate. i’m not sure if you’re asking me for help, or if you just wanted to tell someone? message me back if you want help or need someone to talk to :) xx


Would you say “You look fat” or “You should lose weight” or “you shouldn’t eat that - you’ll get fat” to a friend? Would you pinch their stomachs or pull at the fat on their backs with disgust in your eyes? Would you tell them to suck their belly in because their pooch is showing? Would you yell at them for going up a pant-size?
No? No.
So, you need to start being your own friend. You deserve to be your own friend.

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People with eating disorders do not hate food. People with eating disorders absolutely adore food, they spend half their day staring at food pictures, recipes, videos, dreaming of food. Food is in their every thought. It is not that people with eating disorders do not want food, they really do. They would love to be able to eat whatever they wanted, but due to their eating disorder, they physically cannot. Their eating disorder is controlling their mind. 

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Anonymous asked: uhh i would dwfinetly buy your book xx youre so inspiring 🌼

aw! thank you! i’ll give you a free copy :) xx

Anonymous asked: You do not look the same. Whilst both girls very thin, the girl you are now has a light behind her eyes and these eyes are not sunk into her skull. You look amazing, dear. xxx

THANK YOU! i’m not very thin anymore, i’m just normal i think :) aw thank you so much! xx

ellie-eleven asked: I'm not sure what that anon is seeing, but Rosy you are so so beautiful and I'm glad you are doing so much better! You look more than 10x happier and healthier now :) xx

thank you :) yeah i don’t know what that anon was on about! xx

Anonymous asked: Your so pretty , I think you should write a book about your experiences btw.

thank you lovely! my mum thinks the same thing, i might actually do it! xx

Anonymous asked: ... They look exactly the same

nope, they look very different. even a blind person could see that!