do it for the peanut butter!

My names Rosy, I'm claiming back my life from a long battle of anorexia. I've spend 8 months in Rhodes Farm and was discharged on 2nd of October 2013. I've recently been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, I was inpatient because of this for 5 months in PICU.

Breaking old habits.

I found out on accident how much I weighed today, and I’ve apparently gained nearly five kilos in about a week. Instead of freaking out and refusing to eat, I decided that it’s okay because I’ve got to gain and the sooner the better! My clothes are still ready lose and all my measurements and the same, expect for stomach bloating, so I think it’s got to be weight retention. But actually, it does even matter. I’m so sick of being ruled by a number when it’s so unimportant! No one worries about the fluctuations of their foot size, blood pressure or even height so why have I let this rule me for so long. I want a life, I want to be free, so to do that I’ve got to put numbers behind me.

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